Level 1 controls are scheduled and managed within ControlNet providing real time visibility of the status of controls within the business as well as supporting KRIs and KPIs.


Controls are allocated to ‘operators’ who are responsible for executing controls. Control ‘owners’ have accountability to ensure they are executed and are effectively mitigating the risks they are designed to mitigate.  


Alerting capability ensures the appropriate people are informed if a control goes overdue or fails.


Evidence can be uploaded to support the control status and actions can be created to ensure any control issues are tracked to resolution.


Independent QA can be scheduled to ensure controls continue to effectively mitigate the risks for which they are designed.


Powerful MI ensures accountable owners, supervisors and managers can track the control status real time and prevent errors / losses / risk events before they occur.


Trending analysis enables users to quickly identify if the control environment deteriorates and / or track improvements.


Linkage of controls to risks, policies, KRIs and the RCSA module provides a complete solution for the management of risk and control across the 3 lines of defence.



ControlNet has functionality to support an independent control testing / QA process, to ensure the controls remain effective in mitigating the risks for which they were designed. It includes the ability to capture actions required to remediate poor performing or weak controls and indicators.

ControlNet allows you to replace paper based checklists and spreadsheets with a real time cloud based view of your control environment, with all your controls and indicators stored in one place, making maintenance simple and auditable.

SLAs consist of activities and metrics to be attested to. ControlNet allows clients to set up the SLA for either their own oversight team to validate or the supplier to update each activity and metric.  For any "out of tolerance" activities, additional data can be captured to help understand the issue and the resolution date.

By linking controls and indicators to the policy and regulatory library, accountable executives, compliance and audit professionals can view the status of the control environment by policy or regulation at the very lowest level.




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