Reinforcing Responsibility & Accountability 

ControlNet has been built as a Governance, Risk and Compliance solution to help businesses manage their operational risks across all three lines of defence. ControlNet allows organisations to submit Risk Control Self Assessments (RCSAs) and helps them to substantiate those assessments through the management of business owned controls and checklists.

The automation of checklists into ControlNet typically removes the need for controls to be managed on excel spreadsheets or physical paper-based solutions.

Controls and tasks are added to ControlNet and are linked to the risks they’re designed to mitigate. They are also linked to policies, control owners and operators to give complete visibility of the control environment and the people who are accountable for managing it. Evidence can be uploaded to support the control status and actions can be created to ensure any control issues are tracked to resolution. Independent QA can be scheduled to ensure controls continue to effectively mitigate the risks for which they are designed. Reports are also able to show the status of KPIs and KRIs based on the performance of the underlying tasks and controls.


ControlNet enables a real-time view of your control environment.


ControlNet is an intuitive software solution for evidencing execution of tasks, controls and indicators.


ControlNet has been developed to allow complex processes to be broken down into granular level controls.


ControlNet allows the control execution status to be viewed across multiple customisable dimensions.



ControlNet links controls to internal risks, policies and external regulation at the lowest level. 


Rich reporting allows you to focus on key areas of concern and address issues quickly.


ControlNet is primarily built on Microsoft Azure technology and delivered via the cloud, thereby offering resilience and high availability.


ControlNet allows you to use your own terminology and taxonomies for naming data fields.

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